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It's album time, yo! (or mixtape, whatever)

2013-01-09 11:27:50 by B-RadGfromOV

I believe I got most of my songs set up, I'm writin a few more, still need to choose a couple more beats, mostly using my own, but I'm also gonna use a few from some of my favorite producers on the NG portal. got some in mind. Also I have a mic now, a muuuuch nicer one. Now where to record? as in a booth. I'll figure it out, got some friends who do that.

Does anyone want to collab on a song? I want some guest appearances! I know of a few people I really want part of it. some from internet, some from real life. hit me up.


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2013-01-09 21:24:00

Want to collab?

B-RadGfromOV responds:

why not? you wanna collab on an instrumental? I listened to that latest track you uploaded you got sick melodies


2013-01-09 21:36:41

by the way the devoloper jonatan sodestrom the guy behind hotline miami is making a sequel and he needs music. you might want to send him some instrumentals.


2013-01-14 04:53:50

I sent you a pm


2013-01-30 01:51:47

Glad to hear your still doing music. I hope to check it out when its finished.
Haven't been on NG for a while now, really kind of miss it ya know. I've been busy in the Army and school but i'm looking forward to one day come back and be able to do music again and collab.

So i guess, keep doing your thing and stay in touch dude.

B-RadGfromOV responds:

BOJANGLEZ!!!! What the fuck man! Why you gotta leave us hangin around here??

People come and go so much here I don't know if they even remember but you're the shit!
thanks for hittin me up that's reassuring I had hoped you didn't completely disappear!


2013-02-14 03:21:41

bro i would love to collab, i love your beats fam!! hmu