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Learning Guitar.

Posted by B-RadGfromOV - July 13th, 2017

First of all lemme tell you, I love singing, and I can sing my ass off. You don't even KNOW. (yet?)

So I was camping in the mountains with some family and friends, and doing all sorts of fun substances. One of our friends new boyfriend brought his guitar. We were jamming out,(mostly me actually but they like to listen.)  He was decent, played some bluesy stuff. But I was entranced by the instrument and kept trying to play it. It was actually sounding pretty fucking nice without knowing any finger positions or anything.

By the end of the trip I had decided that I was definitely getting a guitar when I got home. I did. I've been practicing for a week so far. I got like 3 songs I can play all the way through (while singing). 

So that's where I'll likely be if I don't post beats much. I haven't been working on those really. I really like the guitar and I'll practice that for as long as I can, hopefully still be strumming on the porch as an old man, singing songs and chillin. 

Still gonna make beats though. Incorporate my guitar in too, right?! 


Hell yeah!


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I'm learning guitar too. Keep at it! ^_^

Cool! Have fun!

Nice dude! Guitar with beats = sicc

Check out "Shag - Know The Feelin'". Prime example.

would love to hear that (singing) stuff :)
I play guitar for over 10 years and it is a good base for everything I do.
...and I was always addicted to chords.

One advice:
Record EVERYTHING with a simple tape recorder (or smartphone).
You will be very pleased if listen to this stuff in some years...

keep it up!

Facts. That's how I'm goin out. Old as shit on a porch with a blunt and a guitar.


Now that's a nice combination. I would love to hear what you can do with such a combination.

Just want you to know I set my alarm in the morning to that song you were rapping on. yeah that's right, I wake up thinking about you. I said it, lol no homo

Seriously though keep learning guitar!