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B-RadGfromOV's News

Posted by B-RadGfromOV - June 24th, 2016

Got a track in the works and holy shit it's cool

Posted by B-RadGfromOV - April 18th, 2016

I'm makin a beat. It's pretty funky so fah

Posted by B-RadGfromOV - February 15th, 2016


Posted by B-RadGfromOV - August 24th, 2015

Nothing's ever perfect. Sometimes you just gotta settle, and do it better with the next one.

Posted by B-RadGfromOV - August 8th, 2015

Very nice quality, pretty expensive. I'll be writing more and more. Got a evil as fuck song on the way. more bananas flows

Posted by B-RadGfromOV - July 8th, 2015

I have not been creating much instrumental music. My last thing posted here is pretty much all I have. There's nothing really in the works.

BUUUTTT! I have raps lined up, just waiting to be recorded! I have a new laptop though, and my current mic will not connect to it, and I'd rather not record in low quality anyway, so I will be looking for a new one, preferably with USB. 

So my next work will likely be lyrical. Thanks, as always for listening to my music. It's awesome to have this community here to hear it. Stay tuned for some raps. You already know they are gonna be killer.

Posted by B-RadGfromOV - December 8th, 2014

I think if you are reading this you know what my style is and therefore what I enjoy. Who on NG is pumping out greatness on the low, that I probably haven't heard? That chill, quirky, experimental, atmospheric stuff.


Clarification: I'm looking for music. Appreciate the others though.

Posted by B-RadGfromOV - November 1st, 2014

I'm getting internet tomorrow so I'll be back into business. It's been too long I know, I've been broke. I've gotten some things in my life back on track and got a new better job. I quit smoking so the inspiration comes a little harder, but I'm trying to get back to production, I've made a few things I will show you. It won't be WOW but bear with me since I'm STILL working with the same tools and samples as the last time you saw me. Yes all the same shit I've been trying to squeeze more tracks out of. That will change in the weeks to come. I will be back with you all. Look forward to some fresh tracks and have patience as I clean the rust from my lab and ears. Thanks for listening!


Posted by B-RadGfromOV - September 15th, 2013

I got a new song called Mirage on an old beat of the same name. Gonna record more. Polished stuff I've been practicing for a while. Tryin to get my voice mixing quality up, and I'm doin alright.

Posted by B-RadGfromOV - July 12th, 2013

I think I've had enough of FL studio. I need beat machines and shit. So blocked... making crummy tunes..